Invitation to the 2018 Annual Meeting

If you have donated your time or financial support to Repairers of the Breach this past year, please join us for our Annual Meeting at the Grohmann Museum in downtown Milwaukee on the afternoon of Saturday, October 27, 2018.

Our program celebrates your contributions to our mission. Come to meet other volunteers and donors, and hear from several homeless and formerly homeless members how your efforts have changed their lives.

For specific details on this event, please click on the invitation below, either the photo (to enlarge the onscreen image) or the PDF link (to print). Hope to see you there!

Repairers of the Breach - 2018 Annual Meeting InvitationPrintable PDF version of the invitation: Repairers of the Breach – Invitation to 2018 Annual Meeting


Warming Room: A message from our Executive Director and Board President

We know that many who follow our Facebook page are watching the severe weather reports, and you are worrying about those we serve at Repairers all day and overnight. To ALL our individual supporters, volunteers, police, community partners, churches, and  homeless people who also bring those in need to Repairers, we say bless you and thank you. YOU are the reason we at Repairers are able to step forward in times of severe cold weather and welcome homeless people to stay overnight in a warm and safe place.

At ROTB, our warming room has only chairs and blankets, but your donated blankets are just what those gathered need. YOU supply an opportunity for showers, clean dry clothes, warm soup, hot coffee, or whatever basic food we have to offer people who sometimes have not eaten all day. YOU save lives. YOUR prayers and concern about the homeless is making a HUGE difference in the pain and suffering the women and men would otherwise be experiencing this brutal cold outside under a bridge, huddled in vacant building, crunched in a doorway or under a porch. They know someone cared about them.

To keep up on being able to provide a change of clothing for women and men, we need more warm coats, hats, gloves, scarfs, warm socks, sweatshirts, underwear, t-shirts, hand warmers, boots, back packs, and adult warm sleeping bags ASAP. Large containers of coffee, soup, garbage bags, and towels would also help a great deal.

We have prepared for this drastic weather emergency but after being open overnight several times our clothing and supplies are running low. We are averaging between 29-35 persons overnight and approximately 100-125 during the day who have critical basic needs. The homeless do not need a 211 referral to enter our center and receive help. All are welcome.

The center is at 1335 W. Vliet Street. Go to repairers.org to donate, or mail your contribution to

Repairers of the Breach

PO Box 5648

Milwaukee, WI  53205

Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated and will go directly to a homeless person who is in desperate need.

With sincerest gratitude,

Pastor James West, Executive Director
Rebecca North, Board President